Another Travel Blog?
After posting "How to pay for it“ while playing the Indie30 challenge on my favorite travel site Bootsnall I was asked a question? Why do travelers become traveler bloggers? I have to say I was a little taken back. My first thought was, “Wow, she must really hate my post!” Then I thought about it, why does anyone blog anything? People blog about cooking, shopping, education, parenting, being parents of children with handicaps, their pets, you name it….! I know someone who has a blog for dolly gripping. 10 pts. for Gryffindor if you know what a dolly grip is! My husband is one so I have to exclude myself. My all-time favorite blog, 365 days of crockpotting! I didn’t even own a crockpot when I started reading it. Now it’s my favorite appliance. Who knew?

 So my guess? Blogs, regardless of the subject, can be a journey of expression and discovery without need of validation.  A blog gives an opportunity to talk and share and everyone can play! So why did I start a blog? . My intentions are not just to share what I am discovering but my hope is that others will share back what they are discovering too. A Global Village.

Believe me, I know there are thousands upon thousands of travel blogs. Before we left for a two month trip I spent hours researching them until I felt my head would explode. Before I was a mom, travelling seemed easy! Then I added my daughter to the equation and I realized I needed new tools and resources. I looked up other family travel blogs and realized that they didn’t actually have the information I was looking for. I found one amazing family of travelers “on a frugal budget” and took pages of notes because they were doing things we wanted to do in the same places. Then we got to those same places and realized their “frugal budget” was either way more than ours or they were getting comped a lot. Everything is relative. What I discovered is that as many traveler bloggers as there are, they may not have what I am looking for. I’m a pagan mom, we celebrate the solstices. Have you ever looked for actual solstice events across the globe?  They are out there. I have found brilliant ones!  But finding them is a whole different story. Btw, just to define my view of paganism. When I was in college (no, I’m not telling you how long ago that was) the definition of pagan in the Oxford dictionary was: “Pagan: someone who believes in false gods.” What I know from my travels is that whether you believe in a false god or not depends on who you are talking to. Everyone is a pagan in someone’s viewpoint.  
Also, even though I started this blog with travel by jumping in with the Bootsnall challenge, it doesn’t mean this blog is just about travel to faraway places. This blog is a spiral journey of adventures afar, at home, with my family, homeschooling, art and celebrations of life. For me this is about creating a global village so “home” is wherever we may find ourselves.  Maybe someday we will find ourselves in the same part of the globe and we can break bread with new friends. Or share experiences or knowledge to help each other out down the road.  Maybe it’s just helping upcycle that Chinese stool you thought you loved until you got it home!  There are no boundaries here, just sharing what we love with love

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move; to feel the needs and hitches of our life more nearly; to come down off this feather-bed of civilization, and find the globe granite underfoot and strewn with cutting flints.”       Robert Louis Stevenson


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