Thursday, April 3, 2014


     I am a big believer in Serendipity. So much so that sometimes I set myself up with a serendipity "challenge." For example, "I need a drawing table to do my work on and I would like it to be an old school wood one that will fit in my bay window space." In that particular challenge I found exactly what I envisioned that same week. Out on a bike ride in my neighborhood I stopped at a garage sale that had a lot of art supplies out. The guy didn't have anything I needed but he asked if I was looking for something particular. Well, a drawing table. He went back to his garage and carried out the exact one I had imagined. Price? $10. Crazy, right?
     Serendipity has changed the course of my life often. I have found myself on wild adventures and in places I hadn't imagined being in simply by following serendipitous events.  My husband and I often text each other when we see it around us. It makes us smile to share these moments with each other. Probably because our own meeting was it's own unique series of serendipitous events. That is a whole story on it's own!
     What does serendipity have to do with what is intended to be primarily a travel blog? It's not because serendipity has led me to travel but because it has led me to giving writing about it a try. My family and I just recently got back from backpacking a couple of months around a few countries in Europe. Lots of people have done that and then some. Solo travelers, couples, families, indie travelers, luxury, people who just love to shop......they are out there and blogging about it. Really, why bother? Yet, somehow,when I was researching information there still seemed to be gaps in the information I was looking for.  But still, who needs another blog........?
     Then comes serendipity. A good friend comments out of the blue how she knows that I secretly am a wanna be travel writer. My inbox is suddenly flooded with emails from travel writing programs and emails with questions from other travelers who have seen my reviews on Trip Advisor. An opportunity comes up that has my family going to Rabat, Morocco for a couple of weeks. Then the final push of encouragement came. The BootsnAll Art challenge! Did you catch earlier how I love a challenge? And I love BootsnAll! I found BootsnAll not long after they started their site and over the years have used their site for resources and the amazing traveling community they have gathered together every time I hit the road. That was the last bit of serendipity needed to start out on this particular journey. So over this month of April I am jumping in on Bootsnall's Indie30 Art project to get started and see where it takes me.
     After all, sometimes the hardest part is just taking the first step out the door.

"Action has magic, grace, and power in it." W.H. Murray, Scottish explorer


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