Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mindful of the Simple Pleasures

The world is so full of wonders and excitement that it’s hard not to be passionate about just the act of living. Sunrises and sunsets, the warmth of the sun or cool rain on our skin. The delight in a steaming drink coming out of the cold or something icy when the day is hot. I am passionate about finding the simple pleasures each and every day.

I am passionate about food from vine to table, wherever it may be. I love watching the bees dancing from bloom to bloom in my vegetable garden. Fresh cherry tomatoes and snap peas can be picked and popped straight to my mouth as a snack. I love bringing fresh food back to the kitchen and finding new recipes to share. I love going to restaurants to try new combinations to figure out at home. I love trying new foods, even if I don’t know what it is, from street vendors to something that is being offered from the heart from someone I have met on the road. I love the wines and spirits that go with each dish. Each locale having developed something unique and special that goes with their food that is unmatched. There is nothing as wonderful as breaking bread and drinking wine with a friend or a stranger. We need to eat for our health and survival so why not make that something wonderful each day.

I love the beauty of nature from storming lakes, towering redwood cathedrals to glaciered mountain peaks. Nature and the millions of species it nurtures never fail to take my breath away. Daily, I try to be mindful about how I take care of the world I share with so many other living things.  Small acts can often go far to help protect this fragile little world. Something as simple as planting flowers can feed hundreds of honeybees……

I am passionate about art in all its forms. From a song that can lift you out of sadness on a bad day, a play or movie that can help you release tears, to a beautiful piece of art work that makes you feel blessed. Sometimes I see that piece of art in a museum but just as often I see it painted on a wall of an alley I just happened to walk down or just being finished by an unknown artist someplace they happen to be working. I collect music from musicians that will probably never be heard on the radio but bring my family to their feet to dance under the stars, full of memories.

Passions give us the power to act, to live a rightful life, to feel deeply. In Buddhism they speak of finding a rightful livelihood. I think our passions help us find that and give us something we can give back.  We can live and share our passions from small to large acts, even if that is just by planting some flowers or sharing a meal.

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